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EMI simply means “Equated Monthly Instalments�. EMI refers to the amount to be paid every month till the end of the tenure of a loan till the time it is fully paid.

  1. Simple way to calculate your Loan EMI is as follows:
    1. Mention your Loan amount
    2. Interest rate applicable
    3. Loan tenure (Number of months or year to repay loan)

Before investing in your dream home/plan/goal/monetary need, let’s be sure of what would the actual EMI be and plan your budget accordingly.

Tips –

    1. Yes taking loan for fulfilling your dream or meeting your requirement is right, but one must make sure how much it’s going to impact him/her on a monthly basis and for how long.

    2. Making arrangement for meeting the needs of your future expenses is necessary, but at same time do plan your obligation according to your repayment capacity.

Do use our EMI calculators which will help compute and assist you to find the exact EMI you will be liable to pay for a particular loan amount.